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Cyndi's List - Wills & Probate

Court Record Notes:




ABBEVILLE COUNTY (Part of Old Ninety-Six District)


Abbeville County Probate Court

Charles Mark Sumner, Judge of Probate


Phone: 864-366-5312,  Ext. 62   Fax: 864-366-4023

901 W. Greenwood Street, Suite 2300, Abbeville, SC 29620
Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm


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Clerk of Court:                                                          

Clerk of Court--Family Court Records Division

Box 8002, Anderson, SC, 29622-8002

864-260-4053, fax 864-260-4715


Probate Court:

2nd floor of the New Courthouse

Box 8002, Anderson, SC 29622-8002

864-260-4049 , fax 864-260-4811




1791-1834 (vol. I) & 1840-1867 (vol. II) Anderson County Will Ledger images are available for viewing at the Anderson County Probate Court


1840-1853 (vol. I) & 1863-1867 (vol. II)  Anderson County Will Ledger images are available for on-line  viewing at the Church of LDS/Family Search website.