Tombstone Preservation



 Effective: 12/25/23 12:24

  by: PMK

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Some landowners who have cemeteries located on their property, are preventing family members from visiting and maintaining the graves of their love-ones.  Some landowners or their livestock are desecrating/destroying their cemeteries.  A cemetery is a place not only for the burial of the dead, but for an expression of love and respect by the living for the dead.  Descendants have the legal right of burial, visitation, maintenance and beautification of graves.   Visit and For your safety, ALWAYS MAKE PRIOR LANDOWNER ARRANGEMENTS BEFORE VISITING A CEMETERY.

Association for Graveyard Studies - Founded for the purpose of furthering the study and preservation of gravestones

Biological Tombstone Growth Removal - D/2 Biological Biodegradable Solution, no tombstone scrubbing or washing, no bleach or acid, will not harm plants or stone.  Contact: Granite City Tool, 1-800-451-4570,  (After 2-months, your tombstone will look like new.) 

Chicora Foundation Work includes archaeological and historical research and work in conservation and preservation with museums, libraries, archives, historic organizations, and private citizens.  Michael Trinkley, Ph.D. - Director, Telephone = 803-787-6910, E-Mail = See


Tombstone Repair - Gillespie Marble Co, 415 E Shockley Ferry Rd, Anderson, SC 29624, (864) 224-0622

Veterans Administration Burial and Memorial Benefits - Headstones & Markers